Are you a list-maker? Or perhaps a procrastinator? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment when you check things off your list? What happens to the things at the BOTTOM of your list? Check out my new blog and share your secrets! Be empowered! You matter. #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurs #FemaleEntrepreneurs #Entrepreneurship #GirlBoss  #Leave9-5 #Leave9to5 #DebbieCromack Remember to repin it!

I love making lists! Grocery lists, Christmas lists, to-do lists, life lists…all kinds of lists! I feel so productive and happy when I check things off the list.


I’m a bit of an organization freak. With my chaotic life, my lists help me prioritize things that need to get done and also keep track of the things I want to get done.


Each workday, I make a list for both my corporate job and my business, Emerge Empowerment. I prioritize the non-negotiable items that absolutely must get done before I go to bed at night. Then I draw a line and add some items I’d like to get done if I have time.


The weekends get a different list and the list…is rather long. Similarly, it gets lines for things that I have to make sure get done, like grocery shopping, and then there are the house projects or things I’d like to get done, like touch-up painting spots on the living room walls. Often times, I end up with a couple lists, one for each day.


I go about my workdays and weekends getting things done that need to get done and crossing them off my lists. At some point, the list just gets messy. And with my itch to stay organized, I decide I need to consolidate and refresh the list. So, the items not crossed off go onto a fresh sticky-note and I add anything new.


There is something troubling about list-making though. When writing and rewriting and rewriting again the same things over and over, it can seem as though you’re not accomplishing anything. This can lead to feeling defeated and we go down the dreaded path of judging and ridiculing ourselves for not getting enough done.


The other day, as I wrote down, “-cut stickers off window candles” for honestly probably the 40th time, I STOPPED. “Ah! I’m tired of writing this down week after week after week!” In that moment I decided not to rewrite the three items at the bottom of the list.


Instead, I completed them!


And, oh, my goodness did it feel amazing!! Who knew how great it would feel to get those things DONE?! Now, they were not at all a priority. But they were these insignificant things that kept nagging at me. And they were things I knew weren’t going to take huge amounts of time. They were just things that were unimportant that I simply didn’t feel like doing, but wanted done. Completing them and NOT rewriting them on my list felt so…cleansing.


Are you a list-maker? What’s on the bottom of your list that you can do and stop rewriting? Bring up three items from the bottom of your list and just do them. You will experience a fabulous sense of accomplishment! And then…celebrate!


“Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.”

~Thomas Carlyle


Share below at least one of the items from the bottom of your list that you plan to knock off and never rewrite again!


Be empowered,


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2 replies on “The Bottom of the List

  • Tonye Barango- Tariah

    I love this post! Speaking of lists, a few months ago, I decided to take nourishing my business off that list and oh what a journey it has been. I’m getting things done in spite of some upsets in my personal life and it feels good!

    • Debbie Cromack

      Thanks, Tonye! Growth sometimes comes in the strangest form, doesn’t it? It’s so interesting the twists and turns life can take. I’m glad to hear you’re continuing to get things done. 🙂


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