• How to be Visible Online While Still Working Your 9-5. Learn where to be and how to be consistent so your dream clients can find you and work with you. #Entrepreneur #Leave9-5 #QuitYourJob #DebbieCromack #Tips #Hacks How to be Visible Online While Still Working Your 9-5

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    1) Social Media Platforms

    2) Search-Engine Platforms

    3) Other Connection Platforms

    4) Summary


    If there’s one thing I can tell you for sure, it’s that having a corporate job and running a business (leaving out all the other things like family, life, etc.) makes being visible…and CONSISTENTLY visible…in your online coaching business truly difficult.

    This is not an excuse, it simply IS.

    But, I want to remind you how crucial visibility is to finding your tribe and helping them find you. If you’re not out there, they can’t find you, and they can’t work with you. And, if you have no clients…well, you have no business.

    How to be Visible Online While Still Working Your 9-5. Learn where to be and how to be consistent so your dream clients can find you and work with you. #Entrepreneur #Leave9-5 #QuitYourJob #DebbieCromack #Tips #Hacks


    So, I want you to take a moment to jot down when you can be visible and what that looks like for you. The BEST advice I can offer you is to NOT get on every social media platform. When I first started my business, I did just that, and I regret it to this day. It was absolutely overwhelming trying to post everywhere. Do yourself a favor and pick one social media platform and one search-engine type platform.

    Here’s the thing, there is no BEST platform. They all have the potential to help explode your business. Here are three key things to keep in mind:

    1) Where are your ideal clients hanging out? (chances are, your dream clients are there as well)

    2) Where do you enjoy hanging out?

    3) Where can you commit to hanging out CONSISTENTLY? Not CONSTANTLY, but CONSISTENTLY.

    And the MOST IMPORTANT thing of all to ask yourself is this: Where am I committed to showing up consistently and connecting with people and building relationships? Solid, long-lasting businesses are built on creating relationships.

    Having said that, I want to remind you of a few things to keep in mind as you create your visibility strategy using social media. The numbers are truly NOT important. I’ve seen people with 120K followers who have 3,000 likes on a post and not a single comment…NO ONE engaging with them. Then I’ve seen accounts with 320 followers, 132 likes, and 35 comments…people engaging and interacting. Let go of the numbers and create connection.

    And remember, what we post is FOR OUR AUDIENCE. Our audience can be potential clients, coaches, collaborations, possible new friends, etc. Create your content for your audience. They are human beings who are craving human connection. And if they’re your current or ideal/dream potential clients, they are looking for you to offer advice, teach them and solve their pain points. See my How to Attract Your Dream Clients and Turn Them into Paying Clients blog for more on this.

    Before we dig into some great ways to be visible, I want to hit on one last important point…especially for those of us who are introverted and/or perhaps never really had to SELL how incredible working with you is…it’s your primary job to tell you tribe, your followers, WHAT YOU SELL…how YOU can solve their pain points. If you want to thrive in your business so you can leave your 9-5, you’re going to have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and start offering the services and products you’re selling.

    Let’s go through some of the most popular platforms at a high level so you can determine which might be a good fit for where your clients are and where you feel comfortable.


    Social Media Platforms


    Broadly speaking, it seems like the whole world is on Facebook. In my opinion, it should be one of the two primary places you devote your time to when creating your visibility strategy. What I have found is that it’s a great way to foster relationships through conversation because the space to write is much more than other platforms. Plus, the ability to build your own tribe and join tribes through creating a Facebook group makes building relationships easy.

    Use your business page, group, and other groups to post with CONSISTENT frequency. Again, I’m not saying CONSTANTLY. Figure out what schedule you can stick to…and stick to it.

    What about social posts? If you can’t commit to doing one every day, can you create three on the weekend and rotate them through your social platforms and other Facebook groups? What days will you choose to post? Monday, Wednesday, Friday?

    Remember to be very intentional with your posts. They should do AT LEAST one of three things:

    1) Entertain

    2) Educate, and/or

    3) Inspire/elicit action


    End every post with a question (to incite engagement) or a call-to-action (promotion to work with you).

    And with video being so big, think about doing a live stream in your group. Can you work in one a week? Maybe once a month? Remember you’re building your know-like-trust factor and showing up on video where your potential clients get to see your smiling face and hear your voice is a powerful way to connect.

    Since we’re building relationships, it’s critical to remember to respond back to those who are commenting on your posts.

    A great way to grow your tribe is to increase your visibility by collaborating and doing Facebook group live stream swaps. These interview-style live streams are a great way for each person to highlight their expertise, expand audiences by sharing audiences, give more value to your own tribe by bringing in guest experts, and simply have some fun with it!

    Here’s where you can find me on Facebook.

    And here is my fabulous FREE Facebook group, Emerging Empowered Entrepreneurs: Leave Your 9-5 and Thrive as a Coach. Come join us!



    Instagram is another big player in the world of entrepreneurial connection. While it’s more of a visual platform, there’s definitely space to put out connecting, captivating content. The space you have to write content is less than Facebook, but much better than Twitter’s limitations.

    I tend to find that there isn’t as much interaction on Instagram as there is on Facebook. It seems that people scroll through and hit Like, but often times aren’t taking a moment to actually read the content. Do the best you can to capture their attention by putting text on your image and making the most of the first few words that can be seen when scrolling. When people DO comment, sometimes the comments don’t make any sense or they’re just an emoji. So, for me, it’s not been as interactive as Facebook.

    One limitation that can be cumbersome is that you can NOT include links within your post. You can only point people to the one link in your profile. So, you have to be careful when you change that link, especially when you have a new post that points to it, but the link has changed. I get around this by typing the link into the body of my post. It helps, but then it has to be copied and pasted into a browser by interested person. It’s a bit clunky.

    As it’s a platform for your content, be sure you’re also using it to promote your business and your offers. Just like Facebook, it’s FREE advertising!!

    Definitely make use of the Instagram Stories feature. It’s best used for sharing the “behind the scenes” of your business and a peek into your personal life outside of your business. You can absolutely use it to highlight all the amazing things going on in your business, including your offers.

    Be sure to use all 30 hashtags in your posts (you can use only one hashtag on your Instagram Stories) to help your content get found by your potential clients. I have heard different theories on putting your hashtags in your post versus the comments. I’d say, experiment and see if you see a difference in one versus the other. I have found that putting my hashtags in the body of my posts works well for me.

    Here’s where you can find me on Instagram.



    LinkedIn is a social media platform mainly geared toward professionals and heavily for corporate America. Like other social media platforms, it enables you to network with others. One thing is it specifically used for is looking for a new job. So, employers and recruiters are also on there looking for job candidates. Also, like other social media platforms, you can post an image and content.

    Since I straddled working my corporate job and running my business for almost three years, I left my profile as my corporate job. Having left at the end of 2018, I then deleted my old account and started a new one for my coaching business.

    As such, it’s still a relatively new platform for me for my business so I don’t have too much feedback for you just yet. I do like that I can connect with other entrepreneurs in much the same way as other platforms.

    You can connect with me on LinkedIn HERE.



    Twitter has been around a long time. While many celebrities are on Twitter, I haven’t found it to be too useful as a visibility tool or strategy as an entrepreneur and Business Coach.

    You’re very limited in the number of characters you have to actually convey a message that makes any sense. Plus, they have now even limited the number of hashtags you can use to only TWO.

    You CAN include links in the body of your message and that is a big benefit which makes it easier for your visitors to pop directly to where you want to take them.

    You can follow me on Twitter HERE.


    All you need is Kajabi


    Search-Engine Platforms


    If you’ve ever used Pinterest for personal reasons, you know that it is very visual. Pinterest is also pretty amazing for business. And because it’s a search-engine like Google, your tribe is looking for you instead of you looking for them!

    Pinterest has the potential for amazingly rapid growth when it comes to putting people’s eyes on your work. It is particularly worthwhile if you write a blog as it is a powerhouse for driving traffic to your website.

    One thing that’s important to note, you really have to have a solid strategy that includes being on Pinterest A LOT…like constantly! While I do use Tailwind to help me Pin a lot, I also Pin manually. For me, the combination works well.

    Getting a traction requires a pretty big dedication of your time. And I want you to remember…it’s not about the numbers. At one point, I had 70.8 THOUSAND monthly views (WHAT?!?!!?), HOWEVER, not a single client came from my massive amount of monthly viewers. So remember that big numbers DON’T mean lots of clients.

    A beautiful thing about Pinterest is that your Pin never dies the way it does on other platforms as people scroll right on by. You do want to be cautious about Pinning things that have a deadline. It’s not that you can’t Pin it, but if it’s something like a challenge that has an end date…and your Pin lives forever…it could cause frustration for the person who is excited about your challenge only to find out it took place a year ago.

    I have an in-depth blog for you to check out where I go into great detail about setting up and using Pinterest. Check it out HERE.

    A down side is that there really isn’t interaction from those who follow you. So be absolutely certain that the link connected to your Pin works and takes them to a place where they CAN interact with you. An advantage of Pinterest over YouTube is that you take your potential clients to your website to learn more about you and how to work with you.

    Check out my Pinterest account HERE.



    Like Pinterest, YouTube is a search-engine where your tribe is looking for YOU. Should you decide to use YouTube as one of your platforms, as with any social media, be sure you can be consistent in posting your videos. Whether it’s once a week or every other week, whatever you decide, just stick to your schedule.

    YouTube is also a great place to repurpose your Facebook live streams!

    As with Pinterest, YouTube isn’t really a place where many people will interact with you. There IS a place for people to put comments, but most don’t. Be sure you have an end-card at the end of your videos with a call-to-action letting people know where else they can find you, connect with you, and actually interact with you.

    Unlike Pinterest where you bring people to your website, you can get lost and sort of sucked into YouTube-land where you get brought all over the place to different videos. So, it’s not quite as helpful as getting potential clients to your website. Again, having an end-card on your video at least gives you a chance to tell them where to find you so definitely make sure you’re doing that.

    As with all social media, be sure you’re providing tons of value that is helpful for your ideal/dream client.

    Hop on over to my channel, like and share my videos, and be sure to subscribe!


    Other Connection Platforms

    Your Email List

    The power of your email list is that it’s YOURS. Plus, there’s no crazy algorithm to try to understand and keep up with. The people who choose to be on your email list WANT to be part of your tribe. And, quite likely, they are your potential clients.

    Nurture them and be consistent. Share value, knowledge, education, and promotions with them.

    Do you want to be on MY email list??  Come on over!! 😊 Click HERE to get my The Fastest Way to Leave Your 9-5 Checklist and you can enter your email address as well as get the checklist.


    Your Blog/Guest Blogging

    Your blog is another great place to be visible. It’s the perfect place to share things and showcase your expertise while educating those who visit your blog and who you send to your blog.

    Again, be very consistent with posting your blogs. If you can only post a blog once a month, then be sure to stick to once a month.

    As you’re connecting and collaborating with people, see if there’s an opportunity for you to guest blog swap!

    And if you’re blogging, Pinterest is a VERY powerful business tool for you to utilize. Here’s that BLOG I mentioned earlier to give you a boatload of helpful information about setting up and using Pinterest.

    And here’s MY blog!



    Getting onto podcasts is another great way to increase your visibility. Hop onto iTunes or wherever you would listen to podcasts and find ones that are a good fit for your expertise.

    Do your due diligence and listen to a few episodes to get a feel for the person doing the podcast, what topics they talk about, what types of people they interview, who their audience is, etc.

    Then…CONNECT with them. Please don’t just send them a pitch. They get pitched by thousands of people. Actually connect with them. Most people are on Facebook and Instagram these days.

    Find them, connect with them, engage with them, and build a relationship with them. This doesn’t have to be like a three-month courting period. Have some exchanges back and forth, see if they’re up for a Zoom chat, and as you’re getting to know each other, see if they’re up for a collaboration. Even if you don’t have a podcast for them to be on as a swap, you surely have some way they can serve your audience.

    Here are some podcasts I’ve been on (click the link to listen): Go Rogue Podcast and The Brave Entrepreneur Podcast.


    Speaking Engagements

    These are a fabulous way to get yourself in front of tons of people! Check out conferences, summits, and other functions where either 1) you’d like to attend for yourself or 2) you just want to be a speaker.

    Again, connection and collaboration is going to really help you get involved. Research how to get involved as a speaker. Offer to volunteer to help the coordinator of the event. Get them knowing your name.


    One of the fastest ways of exploding your visibility is through collaboration and sharing audiences. So, connect with people, build relationships, and chat about collaboration.

    For your visibility strategy, come up with what you can realistically commit consistently to and then stick to it.




    So, here are four things you want to do to be visible online while still working your 9-5…

    1)      Find out where your ideal clients are hanging out (chances are, your dream clients are there as well).

    2)     Figure out where YOU enjoy hanging out.

    3)     Be realistic about your commitment to hanging out CONSISTENTLY in those places, providing value, and building relationships.

    4)     Get involved in collaborations!!


    When you show up consistently online, people start to say things to you like, “You’re on fire!” and “You’re everywhere!” (even though you’re really just being consistent)! And THAT’S when you get noticed by places like Forbes (Hello, official member of the Forbes Coaches Council…yup, that’s ME!! 😊).

    I’d love to know what your visibility plan is. Leave a reply below and let me know what you’re committing to CONSISTENTLY.



    P.S. Are you soooooo ready to leave your corporate job? Get my 4 Steps to Leave Your 9-5 Mini-course HERE!


    P.P.S. There are affiliate links in here. If you choose to purchase using these links, I will receive a small commission. So, I thank you!! See full disclaimer.

  • 3 Ways to Know if You're Playing Small as an Entrepreneur 3 Ways to Know if You’re Playing Small as an Entrepreneur

    3 Ways to Know if You’re Playing Small as an Entrepreneur


    You’ve had enough and you’re fed up with your 9-to-5 job. You are tired of working your tail off to make someone other than you rich.


    You have a burning desire to do work that is meaningful and valuable and make an impact on this world. You know you are meant for more in this life and you’re determined to go after it.


    You know you want to be your own boss and have the freedom to make your own schedule and call the shots. And you are soooo you ready to open yourself up to unlimited financial freedom.


    So, you made the decision to escape your dreaded 9-to-5 prison and become an online entrepreneur. You’ve been very successful in your corporate job and you know you have what it takes to run a successful coaching business.


    Sadly, your business isn’t taking off. And you can’t figure out WHY!


    You may be asking yourself a question like I asked myself…“I’m a smart person. I graduated cum laude, I have my MBA, I’ve been working at my current job in a Fortune 100 company for 16 years. WHY am I having such a hard time getting my business off the ground?!?!”


    RELATED: Corporate America to Entrepreneur


    Quite likely, you’re playing small as an entrepreneur and you don’t even realize it.


    You’ve had enough and you’re fed up with your corporate 9-to-5 job. Find out if you're playing small and learn how to change that so you can quit your job and thrive as an entrpreneur. Inspiration and ideas for female entrepreneurs and girl bosses building startups. #Leave9-5 #Leave9to5 #Escape9to5 #GirlBoss #BossBabe #Empowerment #SmallBusiness #Mindset #DebbieCromack


    Here Are Three Ways to Know if You’re Playing Small as an Entrepreneur


    1)       SELF-SABOTAGE

    A lot of times, when we make the transition from the corporate world to the online world, we feel like imposters. By that I mean that we often feel like either we don’t know what we’re doing or people will think we don’t know what we’re doing. We have certain skill sets and knowledge that helped us to do our 9-to-5 jobs very well and made us successful. However, those skill sets and knowledge don’t always transfer over to the online world. In fact, they probably have nothing to do with knowing how to be the kind of coach you want to be.


    So, what happens? Fear sets in. Your subconscious (and incorrect) beliefs tell you you’re “not good enough” or that people will think you’re a fraud. You’ll feel like you’re failing. And what you end up doing is hiding and making yourself invisible so no one will see your flaws.


    Yeah, self-sabotage will definitely bump you off your path to being a successful female entrepreneur.



    Ah, comparisonitis; a killer of success.


    When we get into the online space and realize we have a lot to learn, we do research…lots of research. We basically become human search engines. And we join Facebook groups with like-minded people, we follow people on Instagram who are in our coaching niche, we check out YouTube for “How to…” videos of becoming a successful entrepreneur, and we may even hop over to Pinterest to follow some of the top influencers in the field we want to coach in. All excellent data points and ways to learn and get ideas and inspiration.


    Also, fabulous ways to bring our fears to the surface and let those comparison gremlins come stomping on us. You may look around and think, “Ugh, there are so many women already doing what I want to do and coaching about exactly what I want to coach about.” Or, “My field is saturated with women who are already crushing it. I’ll never be noticed.”


    From there, you may go down the awful road of, “What was I thinking?! I can’t do this. I’ll never be successful as an entrepreneur.” What happened is that you compared yourself to people who have been in the online space for a long time and have built their businesses through years of hard work. You wonder how you’ll ever be “like them” and end up overwhelmed and completely deflated.


    3)       MINDSET

    To me, mindset is the biggest thing standing in the way of your success. According to William Wood, 90% of a person’s success is based on mindset. That’s HUGE!


    Yup, there are other steps on the path to success, but if your mindset is in the pooper, those steps don’t matter.


    You have to get your mindset knowing your worth and ready for growth.


    What took me a while to realize was that, while I was quite successful at academia and in corporate America, my mindset was not geared for success as a female entrepreneur. WOAW!!!


    I realized that my sense of value and worth came from a VERY different place in order to be successful in school and in my job. They came mostly from EXTERNAL sources.


    And in order to be successful as an entrepreneur, my worth had to come from an INTERNAL source…my mindset. This was NOT a concept I understood at the time.


    What I DID know was that I didn’t TRULY feel worthy of the successful business I was trying to build. I didn’t feel like I was ever going to be a good enough coach. I didn’t feel like I deserved the happy life I wanted. My ego was trying to “protect” me…but I didn’t know this back then. I just knew I felt completely unworthy of everything I wanted and was working so hard for. In truth, what I ended up learning, is that my ego was keeping me from all the things I desired.


    Maybe you’re feeling exactly the same way right now.


    Introverts Nail Your Message


    For me, I had to take a step back and take a good…long…deep…painful…look into my soul to understand what was holding me back. In the online space, you’ve likely heard this referred to as having a “block” of some kind. I don’t like to think of it as a block. To me that’s like envisioning a brick wall standing in the way of my progress. A wall that I’ve basically given all my power to and expect someone to come along and tear down for me. Saying we have a “block” kind of gives us an excuse for not being able to move forward.


    I like to think of this “block” in terms of awareness instead. When we become aware, we own the responsibility for our own healing and forward movement. Yes, working with a coach is helpful, but ultimately, it is YOU who must do the work. And look, doing mindset work isn’t always easy. But, I can assure you, it’s sooooooo worth it!


    When your mindset is structured for growth and success, you will be unstoppable. Self-sabotage becomes a thing of the past. Comparisonitis fades away and you realize you don’t want to be like anyone else; you want to be fabulous YOU! And you recognize your worth and the fact that you can DO and BE anything you want in this life. Your empowerment is your solution and reprogramming your mindset (more scientifically known as neuroplasticity) is the key to unlocking the answers of how to unleash your success.


    Have you had enough of spinning your wheels? Are you ready for forward-propulsion and YOUR kind of success?


    Are you ready to shift your mindset, own your worth, and build your successful coaching business…and be a powerhouse female entrepreneur? HECK YEAH??!!


    Then take my FREE QUIZ and find out if you’re playing small as an entrepreneur…AND HOW TO FIX IT!


    Be empowered,

    P.S. Do you know the 5 key things you need to do before you leave your 9-to-5? Read 5 Things to do Before You Leave Your 9-to-5.


    P.P.S. Are you following me on Pinterest? Not yet? Follow me HERE!