• Learn how to develop a positive mindset using the ThinkUp app. The life you desire is within reach. Make it your reality by retraining your mindset. #Mindsest #Positive #Affirmations #Success #Entrepreneur #DebbieCromack #Leave9to5 How to Develop a Positive Mindset

    I know there are things about mindset work that some people think is quite “woowoo.” Things like manifesting, the law of attraction, EFT tapping, etc. They tend to think that if it’s not something tangible, it’s woowoo.


    Learn how to develop a positive mindset using the ThinkUp app. #Mindsest #Positive #Affirmations #Entrepreneur #DebbieCromack


    Take someone’s desire to lose weight. They may hire a nutrition coach or get a personal trainer and start eating healthier and incorporating exercise into their daily routine. Then, they typically start to lose weight. They can see and feel the tangible results of their effort.

    With mindset work, results may not come as quickly as someone expects or in the form they anticipate. They may try manifesting and spend a week really manifesting hard for something specific. And each day, nothing happens. They’re not SEEING or FEELING the results of their effort. This is often when they give up and chalk it up as “woowoo.”

    Be patient my dear friend. 😊 And look to science for concrete evidence of the powerful, positive impact of mindset work. Improving your mindset takes time, repetition, and dedication. In order to truly change your mindset to the point where you change your life, have to commit to doing mindset work every day. You must make it a habit that becomes part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth and taking a shower.

    We used to think that our beliefs are formed through our youth and then they are set and basically “wired.” Science has uncovered that our minds are able to be rewired at any age. The key, however, is that we are the ones responsible for doing the rewiring. It is up to us to rewire, reprogram, retrain our minds in order to create the reality we desire.

    So, even the person who has endured the most horrific of life situations and thinks they are doomed for the rest of their lives has the ability to change the course of her life by dedicating herself to changing her mindset and her beliefs about the possibilities of the life she can have…the life she is worthy of.


    And so can you.


    In his book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (get it HERE), Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “The gift of neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to rewire and create new circuits at any age as a result of input from the environment and our conscious intentions) is that we can create a new level of mind. There’s a sort of “out with the old, in with the new,” a process that neuroscientists call pruning and sprouting. It’s what I call unlearning and learning, and it creates the opportunity for us to rise above our current limitations and to be greater than our conditioning or circumstances.”

    In summary, we have the power to reprogram or retrain our minds to the reality we desire. You see, our minds look for repetition, not truth. The mind doesn’t know what “truth” is. It only knows the truth we tell it and we believe. If we believe we are successful in business, our minds will look for things in our environment to reinforce that truth. Similarly, if we believe we are a failure and that’s all we’ll ever be (based on an UNtruth from our childhood), our minds will again look for things to reinforce that.

    The power comes from the fact that changing that mindset is in our control. We have the ability to retrain our brain to what our truth is…even if, at the moment, it’s only what we desire it to be and not yet a complete reality.

    Think about it this way. When you recall a memory of an incredibly happy or exciting time in your life, the chemicals in your body react and you “feel” the “happiness” or “excited-ness” so similarly to when you were experiencing it in that moment. The same goes for a sad or terrible memory, your body physically responds.

    Now apply this to something in the future you are excitedly anticipating. Perhaps it’s a promotion or a vacation or something you’re looking forward to that elicits an actual physical response inside your body. You simply thinking about this thing impacts you physically. Thus, YOU have the ability to impact how you feel based on your thoughts. You control your mind.

    As we grow up, we learn how to put on masks that hide our true selves from the world as a way of protecting ourselves. In truth, putting on these masks only hurts us and keeps us stuck in our past identities, attaching ourselves emotionally to the past, but yet in our current lives. Meditation helps us to remove our masks and feel safe in the existence of our true selves, thus leaving behind our past and enabling us to create our future.

    It’s the emotions that we want to tap into here. When you focus your full and complete attention on the future you desire for yourself that you open yourself up to the emotions you will feel when you reach that desired future, you allow yourself to experience those emotions in the present and thus begin to attract to yourself, energetically, that which you desire.

    When you do this over and over and over…and OVER, you begin to reprogram or retrain your mind and change your present life through the emotions of your desired future because it will continue to look for things that reinforce your desires, your new truth. Make sense?

    The ThinkUp app is a powerful mindset tool that helps to retrain our minds through meditation and repetition. It’s a free app that also has paid options (monthly for $5.99 or annually for $28.99) with more features. You simply type in your positive affirmations or choose from the hundreds of affirmations the app offers and then record them in your voice. The app then adds meditation music in the background of your voice saying your positive affirmations.

    The most optimal way to use it is at night while you’re falling asleep so as you’re drifting off to sleep, and for however long you set the timer, you’re feeding your brain, your subconscious, with your positive affirmations and creating your new reality that your brain will then continually look for things in your environment to reinforce that new reality. Science shows that your subconscious is most receptive when you are unconscious, basically asleep. This is the perfect time to feed your positive affirmations to your mind using the ThinkUp app. Using your iPhone, check it out HERE. Once there, click on any image to be taken to the app and get it.

    According to William Wood, 90% of a person’s success is based on mindset. Um…that’s HUGE!! And that’s a darn good reason to make a commitment to yourself to spend time every day focusing on improving your mindset…and changing your life.


    The life you desire is within reach. Make it your reality by retraining your mindset.


    What mindset work do you commit to and how often? Share with me below.

    Be empowered,

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  • 3 Hours in the Deli Line 3 Hours in the Deli Line

    3 Hours in the Deli Line


    It was a beautiful summer Sunday and my boyfriend and I decided to have lunch in the park. So, I ran out to the grocery store to pick up some picnic foods.


    I don’t typically get us lunchmeats or cheeses from the deli counter because processed foods are just not healthy. But, we thought it would be fun to make some sandwiches so I headed to the deli counter.


    As is pretty typical on a Sunday there was quite a long line. I grabbed my ticket and saw I was number 39…they were on number 17.


    I tucked myself out of the way of the congestion at the counter as I heard the exasperation of a woman approaching.


    “Ugh, look at this line! I’ll see you in three hours!” she growled to a man I presume was her husband.


    I looked over and saw him acknowledge her growl as he turned with two children and walked away.


    She stomped over to grab her ticket and grumbled something. She then proceeded to sort of huff and puff, shifting her weight from foot to foot impatiently.


    All I could of was the missed opportunities.


    I’m not saying that standing in a long deli is fun or we should be happy about it. However, there’s really nothing we can do, but wait for our number to be called and place our order.


    This woman missed out on an opportunity for some self-care. Since she was basically stuck waiting, she could have used the time to do some therapeutic breathing (that would have helped to calm her frustration) or say a mantra or affirmations in her head.


    And as a mother, she could have used the situation to teach her children how to handle displeasing situations that are out of our control by simply having a positive attitude.


    She chose to adopt the life-happens-to-me perspective versus being empowered and 1) recognizing the situation as being out of her control, 2) accepting that it is what it is, and 3) changing how she dealt with it.


    We have a choice in every situation in our lives, whether it’s something we can control or something we can’t…the decision is ours to make.


    The next time you find yourself in a frustrating situation, be self-aware and recognize, accept, and change how you CHOOSE to deal with it.


    And if you found this post helpful, please Pin it and share it via the social media buttons below! Thank you!


    Be empowered,

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