Meet Debbie

Hi there! I’m Debbie, a corporate lackey turned renegade to become an inspirational entrepreneur, helping emerging female entrepreneurs transform yourself, your business, and your life. I’m an Empowerment and Mindset Coach and I’m the founder of Emerge Empowerment, LLC, a business dedicated to helping new female entrepreneurs find your way in this daunting, blissful world of entrepreneurship. Transitioning from your corporate 9-to-5 job to being a successful online entrepreneur creating a coaching business is a massive endeavor that can be confusing and overwhelming…if you let it. My job is to make sure you don’t. At Emerge, we’ll work together while you learn how to empower yourself through education, self-care, and being authentically YOU; all crucial to your success as you build your fabulous business. You’ll connect with incredible resources, learn the right tools and systems to use, and feel supported every step of the way.

How Did I Get Here?

My undergraduate degree is in Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology with a minor in Corporate Communications. I did two years of Master’s work in Speech Pathology. My MBA is in Marketing. I earned my certification to teach yoga. I got my Realtor’s license. I wrote a romance novel. And I had an event decorating company.

How did you feel when you read through all of that? Inspired, tired, dizzy? I wouldn’t be surprised if your head was spinning.

I spent 46 years of my life


The majority of my working life has been in corporate America. While it fulfilled what I needed it to fulfill during that period of my life, I also finally realized that it did not fulfill ME. I spent many years droning along, thinking that it was “safe” and “secure.” It was also killing me…my body and my spirit. Endless hours with no satisfaction, no sense of purpose.


After one of my panic attacks, I decided it was time to do some soul-searching and change my life so I could help others change theirs. I thought a lot about who I am and what I’m passionate about. As I wrote down on paper what truly impassions me and brainstormed how I can help people, the concept unveiled itself to me…

And so I started on my entrepreneurial journey. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, filled with excitement, enthusiasm, and endless energy! I didn’t quite know where to begin or what to do, but I wasn’t worried. I’ve held some respectable corporate positions, I have my MBA, and I’m a smart woman. I can totally rock this!

Having made some really…REALLY…bad financial decisions throughout my life, I decided to dip my toe into my business while holding tightly to my corporate paycheck (including the 12-to-14-hour days).

Before and after working (okay, sometimes even during boring conference calls) and on weekends, I researched, I joined Facebook groups and challenges, I created profiles on social media. I joined as many webinars as I could find, I hired a business coach and a website designer.

Have you done this?

I started making connections with some incredible women to come present seminars in my living room. I researched at least 75 websites of various entrepreneurs. Trying to keep up with social media became unbearable and extremely time-consuming.

Do you feel like this?

I spent thousands of dollars on services and systems for my business and yet I was not making any money. While I didn’t embark on this journey just to make money, I certainly knew that if I wasn’t making any money, I didn’t have a business.

Can you relate to this craziness?

I was dizzy…confused…overwhelmed.

I had no idea what I was doing and no one to guide me.

My stress level increased, my anxiety skyrocketed, and my business wasn’t a business.

All I had accomplished was to spin around in circles and go nowhere. There is simply an astounding amount of information out there that it all became paralyzing to me. My entrepreneurial journey had become daunting and I let my mindset drift…allowing defeat to consume me.


I had failed.

This brings me to you.

“Huh?!” you may be wondering. “How does your failure bring you to me?!”

You see, what I soon realized after a swift kick in my own bottom and some intense mindset work is that I had, in fact, NOT failed.

I had learned.

I learned what to do and what not to do. I learned who to connect with and would truly be helpful in propelling me forward in my business. I made phenomenal connections and gained incredible resources. I turned mistakes into lessons and failures into insights. And now, I can capitalize on all of it and help YOU!

I am full of passion, heart, and a commitment to you to help you transition out of your 9-to-5 corporate job and traverse the start-up stages of building the business that fills you with passion and bliss. I am fueled by helping you avoid the many mistakes I made and wasting the thousands of dollars I lost. I want to help you save precious moments of time and valuable money by getting you started in the right direction.

I am dedicated to igniting your empowerment-infused transformation. I want to help you transform yourself into the woman you desire to be by feeding your mind, body, and soul with knowledge, nourishment, and hope. I will provide you with education, experiences, and resources to help you navigate your way through a successful entrepreneurial journey where you feel supported and empowered every step of the way.

Through my free content, paid courses, blogs, and challenges, I’m here to make a positive impact on your life.

I’ll never claim to an expert on anything; I always want to be learning. My desire is that my life’s trials, tribulations, celebrations, failures, successes, and discoveries help you in some way. I want to help you see yourself for the beautiful, fabulous, empowered creature you are. I want to help you learn how to love and care for yourself unabashedly. I want to help you avoid heartbreaking and costly pitfalls. I want to help you turn the daunting world of entrepreneurship into a blissful business and life you fall in love with…day after day. You matter.

My Mission

  • To be the go-to person for emerging female entrepreneurs around the world making the transition from your 9-to-5 corporate job into your online coaching business. I shine light into the dark places inside you and teach you how to use the power of your mind to ignite the power inside your soul so you can propel forward with confidence and turn your daunting entrepreneurial journey into a fabulous, blissful business and create the life you desire.

My Goals

  • Ignite the power within women entrepreneurs to feel your worth, see your potential, and reach your goals.
  • Provide you with education, resources, and a non-judgmental space to grow and spread your wings.
  • Offer you guidance, encouragement, and unwavering support.
  • Live my values every day.

My Values

  • Create a heart-driven, community-centered business that women want to be part of because you know the value and strength that exists when we work together.
  • Run my business with integrity, authenticity, vulnerability, and compassion.
  • Treat you with respect and kindness while offering honest and constructive feedback and advice.

My Vision

  • To be steadfast in offering education and incredible value to female entrepreneurs in an ever-changing environment.
  • To be the catalyst of your empowerment-infused transformation to fulfilling your potential; becoming the person you desire to be and creating a life you love.
  • To create a business rooted in my values and contribute to a worldwide sisterhood.

The Personal Side of Me

I’m not married, but I have an amazing boyfriend who is perfectly suited for my personality. I also have a bunny named, Nutmeg, who helps keep me sane on insane days…he’s also quite the little snuggler.

I do my best to eat healthy and organic…I do however, have a wicked sweet-tooth for chocolate and try to only indulge on special occasions. I’m extremely organized and some of my friends might tell you I’m clean/neat freak. ☺ I love working out as it’s one of the other things that helps keep my sanity in check.

I’m delving more and more into the holistic world and I’m always looking for health and beauty products that work and are non-toxic and organic. I have a knack for decorating and tend to go all-out for each holiday. And I’m a total sucker for the Hallmark Channel…especially at Christmas.


Some of the simple things in life that bring me joy…

 A big mug of hot cocoa (with marshmallows).

 Snuggling with Nutmeg.

 Cuddling with my boyfriend.

 Belting out a rockin’ song in the car.

 Dancing in the kitchen.

 Making snow angels.

The reality is, we’re all emerging…constantly. I have found my path…my purpose…my passion. I want to share it with you and perhaps help you find yours. Fear exists due to lack of knowledge. When you educate yourself, fear can no longer exist. And when fear has vanished, you are empowered. My business means everything to me because I know I am finally, authentically helping people and I am grateful I get to earn a living at doing so.

I created Emerge Empowerment for YOU. I want to build relationships, a sisterhood; not collect “Friends” or “Followers.” Connecting with you is what invigorates and motivates me. I’d love your feedback and to know how I can help you. Please pop over a note to me and let’s join each other’s journeys.

I’d like to welcome you and thank you for being here and joining my journey. I’m so grateful we’re connected. We all have our own different, crazy lives. My hope is that in some way, my crazy life will help you with your crazy life. The power to change your life exists within you, I simply help to ignite it. Your journey is one of transformation. Give yourself permission to emerge into the beautiful, empowered butterfly that’s yearning to come out and impact the world.

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