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  • Gift Guide for the Empowered Woman Gift Guide for the Empowered Woman

    Gift Guide for the Empowered Woman

    Being empowered means to give power to, to enable, or permit. Make 2018 the year that you claim your power!! The year that you decide to allow yourself to tap into that power inside you. Choose to take steps to build your amazing business and create your fabulous life!


    Here are some gift ideas to help feed that power through honing your mindset to serve you. Just click on the item you want and you’ll be taken to Amazon where you can purchase it.


    Intense and very much worth your time to read it…

    Broken Children Grown-Up Pain by Paul Hedgestrom.

    Excellent book for learning about the power of your mindset and how to use it…

    Mindset - The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.

    Oh, just so darn good…

    Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza

    Perfect gift for the person who knows the power of journaling (or is just getting started) and doesn’t have a lot of time…

    The Five-Minute Journal by Intelligent Change

    Gaiam Muse meditation headband for those who could use a helpful tool to quiet your mind…

    Gaiam Muse Headband


    Here are some gifts to help keep your skin beautiful withOUT toxic chemicals, harmful parabens, and other unhealthy ingredients.


    I love this for daytime…

    STEM CELLULAR Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer by Juice Beauty

    I use this at night and love the very subtle scent that fades after a few minutes…

    Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Overnight Cream

    Super hydrating for your body in the dry heat during the winter…

    KOPARI coconut melt.

    Perfect for your face and neck, I use this one at night…

    insta natural ORGANIC ROSEHIP OIL


    And a few fun and cozy things for the fashionably empowered woman!


    How cute is this pompom hat??

    Women's winter slouchy knit beanie.

    Super-cozy and soft pompom throw blanket…

    Pompom cable knit throw blanket.

    Perfect little trio for staying warm and cozy…

    Arctic Paw three piece winter bundle.

    From your business to your life, it’s time to stop waiting for permission.


    Let 2018 be the year you say, “Yes!” to YOU!


    Be empowered,

    P.S. And if you are looking for a powerful mindset tool so you can start healing yourself from old life-patterns and start rewriting YOUR new life, get my Release and Focus Exercise today.


    P.P.S. There are affiliate links in here. If you choose to purchase using these links, I will receive a small commission. So, I thank you and do hope you enjoy your goodies!! 🙂

  • The Bottom of the List The Bottom of the List

    The Bottom of the List

    I love making lists! Grocery lists, Christmas lists, to-do lists, life lists…all kinds of lists! I feel so productive and happy when I check things off the list.


    I’m a bit of an organization freak. With my chaotic life, my lists help me prioritize things that need to get done and also keep track of the things I want to get done.


    Each workday, I make a list for both my corporate job and my business, Emerge Empowerment. I prioritize the non-negotiable items that absolutely must get done before I go to bed at night. Then I draw a line and add some items I’d like to get done if I have time.


    The weekends get a different list and the list…is rather long. Similarly, it gets lines for things that I have to make sure get done, like grocery shopping, and then there are the house projects or things I’d like to get done, like touch-up painting spots on the living room walls. Often times, I end up with a couple lists, one for each day.


    I go about my workdays and weekends getting things done that need to get done and crossing them off my lists. At some point, the list just gets messy. And with my itch to stay organized, I decide I need to consolidate and refresh the list. So, the items not crossed off go onto a fresh sticky-note and I add anything new.


    There is something troubling about list-making though. When writing and rewriting and rewriting again the same things over and over, it can seem as though you’re not accomplishing anything. This can lead to feeling defeated and we go down the dreaded path of judging and ridiculing ourselves for not getting enough done.


    The other day, as I wrote down, “-cut stickers off window candles” for honestly probably the 40th time, I STOPPED. “Ah! I’m tired of writing this down week after week after week!” In that moment I decided not to rewrite the three items at the bottom of the list.


    Instead, I completed them!


    And, oh, my goodness did it feel amazing!! Who knew how great it would feel to get those things DONE?! Now, they were not at all a priority. But they were these insignificant things that kept nagging at me. And they were things I knew weren’t going to take huge amounts of time. They were just things that were unimportant that I simply didn’t feel like doing, but wanted done. Completing them and NOT rewriting them on my list felt so…cleansing.


    Are you a list-maker? What’s on the bottom of your list that you can do and stop rewriting? Bring up three items from the bottom of your list and just do them. You will experience a fabulous sense of accomplishment! And then…celebrate!


    “Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.”

    ~Thomas Carlyle


    Share below at least one of the items from the bottom of your list that you plan to knock off and never rewrite again!


    Be empowered,


    P.S. Get your FREE copy of the 10 MANTRAS I say to myself EVERY…SINGLE…DAY to keep my mindset on track and moving me forward. 

  • Financial Disaster - There is Hope Financial Disaster – There is Hope


    When I was a little girl, I was taken shopping and told I could try on a few outfits to then pick out one we would buy. Delighted and excited, I tried them all on and narrowed my preferences down to two that I wanted help with the final decision. I don’t recall what happened, but I remember leaving the store with nothing. I do, however, remember feeling sad and not worth the price of one outfit.

    Years passed and I graduated from college and got my first real job. I had nothing appropriate to wear as my clothes were all college clothes. I was offered again to be taken shopping. With a conservative approach, I selected versatile items like a black sheath dress, a black blazer, a skirt, a sweater (on sale for only $20.00!!) and two tops. Before popping out of the fitting room, I surveyed my selections. Practical, can be mixed and matched…a good start. When I emerged from the fitting room and showed what I had settled on, she took the $20.00 sweater and said, “I’ll get you this one.”

    A hammer smashed my chest. I can afford the $20.00 sweater! Needless to say, my self-worth took yet another of many blows.

    Finally on my own in the world with a job and a credit card, I felt free! If I wanted something…I bought it! I didn’t need anyone’s approval. And I didn’t need anyone to make me feel worthy. I was going to buy whatever I wanted!!!

    And, boy, did I.

    And so the debt grew…and grew…and GREW…for over 25 years. I was drowning. And somehow, no matter how much I spent or what I spent it on, my self-worth didn’t grow. All that had happened, was that I had become a financial disaster.

    Not only was I a financial disaster, I thoroughly and deeply despised my job. Sixteen years in, I dreaded waking up each morning with my heart racing, unattainable deadlines, and hundreds of unanswered emails. The stress and anxiety became overwhelming…almost paralyzing.

    Knowing I was meant for more in this life, something valuable and meaningful…a purpose, the concept of Emerge Empowerment was born. A fire ignited inside me as I imagined this incredible company I would build and how I would help women learn how to empower themselves…something I didn’t even feel in my own life. I wanted to be empowered and teach other women how to find their power, their voice, their value…to let them know they matter. My passion grew by the day.

    But how in the world was I going to create a business with a mountain of debt towering over me and trapping me into the job and life I so loathed?!


    Thankfully, my life-path, through connections I made with Emerge, led me to a woman who is now my Financial Coach. Together, we dug into ALL of my finances and she asked me questions for which I had NO answers. She guided me and I found the answers. We reviewed things from my debt to my Living Will to my 401K to my pension to my health benefits to my life insurance and my car insurance…all of it! My financial life splattered out before me. She helped me figure out where I had the right coverages, not enough, and even too much in some cases. I learned what would happen to all things tied to my corporate job when I leave. We dissected my debt…ugh! Embarrassment and shame filled me.

    We looked at my current situation as a whole and figured out how to rearrange things in a way that made sense so we could build a timeline for my transition out of corporate America and into Emerge full-time. We looked at what to do and how to do it, making each step attainable instead of daunting. We outlined the steps and I felt empowered because now I have knowledge and a solid course of action. She sloughed off my embarrassment and doused my shame, putting me in control of my financial future by helping me learn. Uncertainty and fear no long have me in their grasp and there is hope on the horizon. Learning, understanding, and taking the right steps has increased my self-worth and it feels incredible!

    This amazing woman is Fran Robinson. Fran is giving a 4-part series of classes here at Emerge. Whether you’re single, married, or divorced; older or younger; good with money or a disaster like me; in a corporate job or an entrepreneur, Fran can help guide you to making sound decisions with your finances by helping you know and understand them. There will be one class per quarter through 2017. The second class, Financial Literacy, is on 4/20/17. To give you a good foundation, purchase the first class, Financial WellnessAttached is a very helpful worksheet to get you started.

    Take charge of your financial life now! It’s never too late! You matter.

    Whether you’re able to attend this seminar or not, working with a Financial Coach who has your best interests at heart is incredibly valuable.

    Understand your financial life!


    I’m curious to know what strategies you use to keep your financial life in order both NOW and secure for your future. Please comment below.

    Be empowered,


    To connect with incredible, supportive, like-minded new female entrepreneurs transitioning from corporate jobs to online coaching businesses, come join my Facebook group, Emerging Empowered Entrepreneurs.


    P.S. Are you ready to take charge of your financial life? THIS BOOK will get you started on the right path!